Press Highlights

"Mezzo Lainie Diamond brought the audience to tears with a tender, expressive a cappella American spiritual." (Joel Luks~ Culturemap Houston, 2011)

"Lainie Diamond is... a gifted professional opera singer... I had the pleasure of attending the Houston Chamber Choir's Christmas at the Villa performance in December where Diamond had a solo, so I got to hear first-hand just how skilled she is." (Bobbi Leder~ Associated Content from Yahoo! and Houston Banner, Feb. 2011)

"The performances were fabulous. I finally got to experience the work of several artists whom I had not yet seen perform... and Lainie Diamond, who sang to my soul." (Meg Brooker, Isadora Duncan Dancer, 'Tunics in Texas' Blog)

"...the warm and poignant singing of these emotional words by an unaccompanied Diamond" (Danbury News-Times)

"Lainie's beautiful voice has given us a glimpse of how God's heavenly choir will someday sound!" (Dorothy Negron, St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Farewell Social Invite for Lainie, New York City)

" and the small roles of the other wives were nicely done by young singers...and Lainie Diamond" (New York Times)

"The 'Gloria' was spiritual-like, alternating tunes reminiscent of 'Motherless Child' and 'Amazing Grace'...Mezzo-soprano Lainie Diamond sang with feeling" (Danbury News-Times)

"Lainie Diamond has a interestingly mannered intensity as Julie, and does justice to the character's trademark song "Bill".
(New Orleans Times-Picayune)

"Nice work also was heard from... and Lainie Diamond" (Times-Picayune)

"Lainie Diamond as a flamboyant Lucy Brown" (Times-Picayune)